Registration at St James the Apostle

To begin your registration at St. James the Apostle School, the following items are needed:

  1.  Complete a New Family Registration (pdf) form for grades K-8
    or a Preschool Registration Form for our Preschool Programs
  2.  Complete one Diocesan Student Information Sheet (pdf) – one per student.
  3.  Include the registration fee:
  1.  Include a  copy of the official county-issued birth certificate and a Baptismal certificate (if applicable), for each student.
  2. Request for Release of Students Records- signed and completed with the address of the school where the child last attended (applies to grades 1-8 only).
  3. If applicable, Financial Aid Application is due March 1 for the following school year. Information packets are available in the school office.

Download Registration Checklist (pdf)

Please submit these documents to the school office to receive the information required in STEP 2 of the registration process.


Age Requirements:


Physical and Dental Examinations:

Download Health Requirements Checklist (pdf)

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