1st – 8th Grade Academics

St. James the Apostle Catholic School Curriculum
Curricula in all content areas are aligned with National Common Core Standards, Illinois Learning Standards and with Diocese of Joliet Catholic Identity Standards. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies and flexibly group children to best meet the academic and social needs of each child. Every attempt is made to differentiate instruction for the purpose of helping each child reach his or her academic potential. The integration of technology to assist in achieving our academic goals is being made at every level.

Our students graduate well prepared for the milestones and challenges of the future.

Parents give St James’ academics, curriculum and teachers outstanding ratings year after year!


Religious Education
Formal religious education is offered every day. Catholic principles are integrated into every aspect of living through example, precepts and discussion. Our programs are firmly rooted in the teachings of Christ and His message along with the teachings of the Catholic Church. There is a strong emphasis on bringing Christ’s message to life.

Special Masses and Prayer Services are regularly scheduled. Parents are always welcome to participate in these liturgical celebrations. Liturgical celebration schedules are included in each monthly newsletter.


Sacramental Programs
All sacramental preparation is conducted in cooperation with Office of Religious Education. The important role of parents as the primary educators in the religious education of their children is recognized and honored. Therefore, all school parents are expected to actively participate in the required parent/child sessions offered by the parish. The school is part of the greater parish community. Reception of the Sacraments, especially for the first time, is a parish celebration in which all parishioners rejoice. The school children are taught about the Sacraments in their regular religion classes. Parents are also a very important part of the process of preparation. Materials are given to them to help them to prepare their children at home. Parent meetings are scheduled and parents are required to attend in order for their children to receive the Sacraments.

  1. Reconciliation – Students in Grade 2 prepare and receive this sacrament in the fall.
  2. Holy Eucharist – 2nd Grade students prepare for this sacrament through out the school year with the reception of First Holy Communion in the spring.
  3. Confirmation – Students begin preparation to receive this sacrament in Grade 6 with special focus in Grade 8. Eighth graders participate in a Confirmation retreat prior to the reception of this sacrament in the spring of the 8th grade year.
  4. Mass Schedule – The students in Kindergarten – 8th grade attend 8:00 a.m. Mass, as a school community, every Wednesday morning. They will, also, attend on Holy Days that occur when the students are in school. Parents are always invited to join us for Mass.

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