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“During our nine years at St. James, we received a faith-filled education that will last a lifetime. At St. James, the emphasis on faith and prayer is stressed by going to Mass as an entire school, as well as receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. All students have Religion class every day, and pray at the start and end of the school day. Along with the great sense of faith nourished by St. James, education is valued just as highly. The education we received here challenged us throughout all grade levels, which helped us to receive the benefits of challenging assignments and activities, such as Science Fair and Math competitions. The teachers were very considerate and helpful, and most importantly, they wanted all of their students to do well and to succeed. They were very invested in helping their students achieve their goals. They taught us the skills we needed to know to succeed in high school, and the excellent academics at St. James have prepared us well for the intensity of rigorous high school classes at St. Francis. Lastly, the environment of the school is extremely friendly, caring, and welcoming. Whenever a child walked through the door, there was always a chorus of “Hello, good morning”. Not only is St. James a religious community, but also they are a loving family. We highly recommend becoming part of this wonderful family.”

Marirose, Michael and Nicholas Rueth
Class of 2012

“I teach at a local high school where I encounter a good number of Saint James alumni. In terms of study habits, quality of work, classroom participation, and preparedness for a high school curriculum, the graduates of Saint James are consistently among the best students I teach. In addition to academic abilities, graduates of Saint James arrive in high school with good interpersonal skills, a great sense of friendship, community and kindness, and a devotion to serving others. When the time came to pick a grade school for our son, Saint James was our only choice…In short, it’s a wonderful place!”

Michael PageCatholic High School Teacher

“As a teacher at Glenbard South, I can identify a St. James student from a mile away! They are respectful of their teachers, the staff, their peers and themselves; they are active participants in extra-curricular activities, but most importantly they are academically prepared the moment they enter our doors. St. James and the parents of our St. James alumni do an amazing job educating the whole person which is why my husband and I are sending our children to St. James.”

Elizabeth McGann
Public High School Teacher

“St. James is a safe and loving community of families and teachers who value academic excellence. My children have learned leadership, integrity, faith and kindness. They look forward to each day and come home happy. I, myself, graduated from St. James and am grateful that my kids will get the same experience.”

The Kase Family
Mom Class of 2003, Children Class of 2027 and 2031

“Our kids have had an amazing experience at St. James and we are thankful for each staff member they have interacted with during their time there. This has truly been the best experience we could have asked for; it has been exactly the way we hoped their first years of school would be.”

The Mahoney Family
Teacher – Lyons Township H.S.

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