St James Preschool Program

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What makes the Big Difference in our Preschool Program?

Our State of Illinois Certified Teachers provide a creative, play-based learning environment utilizing a variety of developmentally based programs to meet the needs of each child.

• We have bright, cheerful classrooms with our own resource room and secure outdoor play area.
• In Blended Preschool, we introduce and incorporate the “Zoo Phonics” program to teach letter sounds and basic letter recognition.
• We continue to utilize the “Zoo Phonics” program in the Kindergarten Prep class. These students focus on learning letter sounds
as well as formation of the letters, numbers and their names.
• We follow an early childhood religious curriculum titled “God Made the World” in each of the preschool programs, daily.
•  Weekly, your child will receive Art, Library, Spanish, P.E. and Music classes with specialized teachers.
• We offer  ½ Day and Full- Day Preschool options with After–School Programs available.
• We offer opportunities for parent volunteers and involvement throughout the school year.
• We provide curb side drop-off and pick-up of your child by our teachers, aides and 8th grade students.
• We are a secure and video monitored campus.

We offer a variety of morning and all-day preschool programs to meet the academic and daily needs of children 3 to 5 years of age.  Our certified preschool teachers incorporate curriculum from “The Creative Curriculum”, “God Made the World” and “Zoo Phonics”.  A brief description of our programs and academic goals are as follows:

Our certified preschool teachers use programs that are theme-based and designed to build upon each other while preparing your child for the next step. We have developed our program in accordance with our belief that each child is unique, learns in different ways and at different rates.

*Blended Preschool Program

Available Options:

2 days each week  (*3 year olds only)Tuesdays, Thursdays
3 days each weekMonday, Wednesday, & Friday
5 days each weekMonday – Friday

Available for 3 & 4 year old children with the option of attending 2*, 3 or 5 mornings or 5 full-days a week.

Students MUST be 3 years old before September 1st and completely independent in the bathroom.

*Color/ Shape recognition   *Number recognition 1-20   *Introduce letters, upper case   *Counting to 10 or more   *Introduce letter and sound recognition   *Sorting/ categorizing similar objects  *Daily Religion lesson using “God Made the World” curriculum.

11:00am -2:45pm   

Preschool Plus  Optional Addition to the 5 day – AM Program 
Offered as an optional 5 day extension of our preschool program which will include lunch, enrichment and nap/ quiet time.

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Kids Klub Littles is available as after school care.

 *Kindergarten Prep Preschool Program

(Students MUST be 4 years old before Sept. 1 and potty trained)

*Develop letter and sound recognition   *Practice with proper letter formation, upper and lower case *Follow the “Zoo Phonics” Preschool Reading & Writing Curriculum   *Simple words/ Sight words *Take home books/ pre-reading skills   *Daily Religion lessons from the “God Made the World” curriculum *Counting to 30 or more   *Writing numbers 1-20   *Simple addition and subtraction *Introduce Science/ Social Studies experiences

7:45am -11:00am
Monday through Friday

11:00A.M. -2:45P.M.   

Preschool Plus
Optional Addition to AM Program
Offered as an optional extension of our preschool program which includes lunch, enrichment and quiet/ nap time.

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Kids Klub Littles is available as after school care.

For tour and registration info:
         Please call the school office at (630) 469-8060   or
E-mail Mrs. Guthrie(  or Mr. Kirk, Principal  (

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