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At St. James the Apostle School, we are called to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically as members of our school, parish and the greater community. By combining our Catholic beliefs, strong academics, Christian service, liturgy and prayer, we will become people of faith and lifelong learners who serve the broader community.


We, the St. James the Apostle Catholic School Community, are committed to fostering lifelong learners to become the next generation of leaders by providing a challenging academic program rooted in Catholic beliefs.


St. James the Apostle Catholic School is committed to the threefold purpose of Catholic education as defined by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops:
To proclaim the Word – To build community – To serve God and humanity

St. James the Apostle Catholic School strives:
o To provide each child with a challenging academic program rooted in Catholic beliefs, values and traditions of Catholic Christianity and opportunity for worship.
o To guide each child in acquiring skills, virtues, and habits of the heart and mind required for effective service to God, self and humanity.
o To enable each child to fully discover and develop his/her God-given abilities and to live effectively in a culturally diverse society.
o To promote holistic involvement between the child’s home and St. James the Apostle Catholic School, in order to further the shared roles of education between parents, guardians and teachers.
o To recognize the role of the school in light of the ministry of education professed by the entire St. James parish community.

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