Strategic Plan

As part of the Diocese of Joliet’s ‘Lighting the Path of Our Future’ initiative, St James the Apostle School was tasked to create a local strategic plan for our school. With the help of our principal, pastor and Strategic Plan Committee, the five-year Strategic Plan was created and introduced to the school community in the summer of 2013. Our comprehensive plan identified nine ‘Strategic Plan Goals’ that will be implemented and maintained in order to reaffirm the continued success of our school. Our Strategic Plan Goals are:

  1. Enrollment – St. James the Apostle School will develop and execute a plan to sustain and increase enrollment.
  2. Marketing – St. James the Apostle School will hire a marketing professional to further its mission through marketing, public relations, enrollment and advancement efforts.
  3. Faculty and Staff Retention and Attraction – St. James the Apostle School will continue to foster an environment to retain and attract exceptional faculty and staff with the vision of becoming the premier Catholic school employer in the area.
  4. Catholic Identity – St. James the Apostle School will continue to help students and families develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.
  5. Leadership – St. James the Apostle School will be guided by an active School Board working in close collaboration with parish leaders and the Principal to ensure that the mission of St. James is achieved.
  6. Academic Excellence, Student Performance and School Effectiveness – St. James the Apostle School is committed to maintaining its strong Academic excellence.
  7. Stewardship – St. James the Apostle School will provide the resources and services necessary to support our vision, mission and purpose and to promote the success of all students.
  8. Stakeholder Communications and Relationships – St. James the Apostle School will enhance its public relations, marketing and advancement efforts through targeted communications and relationship building with and among our stakeholders.
  9. Commitment to Continuous Improvement – St. James the Apostle School will establish, implement and monitor a school culture committed to the process of continuous improvement including planning sound management practices and innovations that ensure our Catholic mission, student performance and religious formation.

As we continue to implement our five-year strategic plan, St James the Apostle is committed to pursue continuous improvement and to implement the best management practices at our school.

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